The Market Gardener is now available as an audiobook…

Listen to Jean-Martin Fortier’s revolutionary farming book that has helped thousands of growers get started on their market farming journey.

The unabridged audiobook version of The Market Gardener is narrated by Diego Footer.

Total length – 7 hours and 03 minutes.

Jean-Martin’s book is very well done and should be of great use to market growers everywhere. Exchange of ideas and information is so important because when we pass ideas on, the next person gets to start where we got to and take the ideas to another level.Eliot Coleman, organic farming pioneer and author of the Winter Harvest Handbook


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Market Gardening

  • 70+

    Over 70 episodes with urban farmer Curtis Stone digging into the ins and outs of farming small and farming smart.

  • 1/3 Acre

    Curtis farms profitably, grossing over $100,000 per year 1/3 of an acre showing you don’t have to have a lot of land to be profitable.

  • 7 Years

    In each episode we utilize Curtis’s 7 years of farming experience.

  • not just growing

    To be successful as a farmer you need to be a great small business owner, not just a great grower.   Many of our shows focus on the business of small scale vegetable farming.

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  • $500

    Farmer Darby Simpson started by farming with only $500, using that money to raise his first batch of 50 broilers.  He now raises over 2500 per year.

  • 4

    Darby raises 4 different types of livestock – pastured poultry, pastured turkeys, forest raised pigs, and grass fed cows.


    Darby started farming part-time, on the side, while working full-time in an unrelated field.  He understands what transitioning to farming is really like.

  • farming is a lifestyle

    Go behind the scenes to see what full-time farming is really like – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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